22ème Édition - 4 & 5 juin 2022


Alongside the subscription, the regulations of Fédération Française de Triathlon FFTri will have to be accepted (available on  http://www.fftri.com/reglementation-sportive-0/).

Age groups are available in this table.

In case of non-respect of the regulations set by FFTri, participants risk penalties, such as the yellow card (report, reminder of compliance), blue (in case of drafting during cycling part) or red (disqualification).

Please take good note of the following points:

All regular traffic will be prohibited on the bike track between Valff and Benfeld. In order to reach and get away from Benfeld, please follow guiding on the map via Meistratzheim and Schaeffersheim available on www.triathlon-obernai.fr.

In case of exceeding the time limit for each discipline (see race schedule), further participation in the cycling part or running part will be refused. Referees are entitled to exclude atheletes from the race in case the time limit is overstepped.


Start number: Each participant receives only single start number which contains the chip measuring the time. The start number will have to be attached at three different points minimum to a running belt. Wearing a start number is forbidden during the swimming but obligatory during the cycling (back) and running (front).

Start :
Participants will have to show up for a briefing 10 minutes before the start of the swimming part of each race.

Swimming :
If water temperature is below 16°C, a wetsuit must be worn. It is optional at temperatures between 16 et 24°5C and forbidden when the temperature is above 24°5C.
Nudity is strictly forbidden in the transition area. Getting changed requires a minimum of respect for spectators and competitors. All participants must wear a swimming cap supplied by the organiser.

Cycling : Traffic rules must be respected imperatively. Drafting is forbidden and a safety  distance of 7m (S&M) and 12m (L). All participants must wear safety helmets.

  • Unwanted loss of time at the train track crossing can not be reclaimed later.
  • Position of supply stops: Format L at km 27, 45 (Col de la Charbonnière) and 63 (Ste.Odile) – Format M at km 28 (Ste. Odile)

Running :

  • Wearing the cycling helmet during the running part is forbidden. A bracelet handed out after each round facilitates distinguishing runners in their second or third round.

Position of supply stops : Formats M, S at km 0,1 et 2,7 – Format L at km 0,1 – 2,7 – 4,7

Penalty area : Atheletes with a blue card will have to stop in the penalty area located at the start of the running track. Waiting times: 1 minute format XS & S, 2 minutes format M, and 5 minutes format L.

Relay : Competitors in the relay section will have to pass on the race in the first transition area in Benfeld. Taking over the running part in Obernai requires the handing over of the start number in the second transition area in Obernai. A relay participant is allowed to do two out of the three disciplines.

General information:
The triathlon is an individual sport. No help from outside whatsoever is allowed (with the exception of paratriathlon)

In case of disrespect of environmental care (e.g. littering, abandoning materials, clothes, and accessories) causing inconveniences in the supply zones and disturbances of the sports event, participants risk getting disqualified (red card).

Detailed information about the race: All complementary information regarding the procedure of the different races will be provided as a download and sent out to all participanst 15 days before the competition. This information will include details about the picking up of the start number, the organisation of the transition times in Benfeld and Obernai, the retrieval of personal belongings, supply points etc.