22ème Édition - 5 & 6 juin 2021

For this 22nd edition, the Sunday S, M and L triathlons remain unchanged: same races and same schedules. In the order of departures:

– The L triathlon, on ½ Ironman format, starting at 9:15,

– The S triathlon, with departures in 2 waves, 10:20 for women and relay and 10:30 for men,

– The M triathlon, with departures in 2 waves, women and relay at 12.15 and men at 13h.

Side course, we will not change what seduced our participants: water Benfeld, cycling in the Vosges mountains, running course in the vineyards of Alsace, safety, attentive volunteers, friendliness, generosity …

And tariff side? Nothing changed either! The Obernai Benfeld International Triathlon has all of a great, except the price!

The novelties are located elsewhere:

– After the success of the couple challenge on the L triathlon, an identical challenge will be proposed on the M triathlon. The ranking is established by adding the two times.

– We were forced to set up time barriers to bike departures. But rest assured, they are wide and should not concern anyone except incident.

The other novelties concern the environment of triathlons. They will be revealed to you in the coming days. Stay tuned!