22ème Édition - 4 & 5 juin 2022

Triathlon is a sport of nature. That of Obernai Benfeld benefits from a preserved environment, from Alsatian Ried to Vosges mountains, with alternate spaces of nature and areas of culture with in particular the vineyard.

The organization of our triathlon obviously has an impact on our ecosystem, local or global.

We are committed to reducing this impact by favoring responsible actions, by limiting the use of plastics, by redistributing used cans …  You can help us in this process: no more cans, bar packaging or gels thrown out of the planned areas.

Despite these actions, we estimated the impact of our organization to 45 tonnes of CO2, a large amount coming from your travels.

We offer carbon compensation through a donation to the GoodPlanet Foundation.

For this, we will offer you to subscribe, at the time of your registration, the Carbon Offset option, on the basis of € 1 paid for 150 km of car (average estimate for a 7-hp gasoline vehicle). The organizing committee is committed to doubling the amount collected, within the limit of € 1000 which corresponds to the “buy-out” of the 45 tonnes of CO2.

Through this voluntary gesture, we hope to demonstrate that our sport practice is part of a sustainable approach and that we are not sacrificing the future of our planet by satisfying our present passion.